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I am a printmaker living and working from my home studio, based in Port Alfred. I graduated in 2013 and have worked in the arts industry since then. I began practicing art, particularly printmaking, on a more regular basis in 2016.


At the beginning of my post-university printmaking journey, I started using a pasta press for miniature monotypes (some of the miniature prints are available online at Guns & Rain) and would eventually move on to purchase my own locally made etching press. 


I prefer to work with monotypes as the medium’s limitations can be used to my advantage. It lends itself to extreme expressiveness and movement, as well as flat graphic elements. Often there is a time limit during the “making” stage, which forces me not to over-think, and I get a thrill out of the pressure (no pun) of only having a single chance for the print. Monotypes also allow plenty room for accidents, which often also work in my favour.


Helicopters and other flying machines are a central motif in my work. These paradoxical machines - machines built to bring both terror and relief - specifically helicopters, have become metaphors for political systems of power. As a graphic artist, I have been interested in protest posters and resistance art, specifically prints, made during the 1980s in South Africa, and the idea of printmaking as the archetypal medium for socio-political comment. I would like to think that this influences the way I work today, in terms of contemporary subject matter, and being mindful of the medium’s history in South Africa.


I studied Fine Art at Rhodes University in Makhanda (Grahamstown), South Africa, where I completed my Master’s degree in 2013. I am also a freelance Graphic Designer (UCT GetSmarter) and the co-founder of an all-female printmaking collective, The Printing Girls. Guns and Rain gallery currently represent me.

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