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I am a newly passionate printmaker, having started at the Blue Door Studio under master printmaker Collin Cole in 2017. I feel fortunate to be able to explore my second passion, artmaking, after a career in publishing as a copy editor.

I am often inspired by poetry and the fragility and beauty of the natural world, particularly the interconnectedness and synchronicity of design of all living beings – how a pangolin’s scales, for example, are mirrored in the spiraling leaves of an artichoke, or how in his curled up form this endangered creature is reminiscent of an ammonite fossil, a delicate nautilus shell or an unfurling fern, or on a grander scale, a spiraling cyclone. Certain types of coral remind one of the human brain; aerial views of rivers bring to mind the human venous system or the bronchioles of lungs.

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I love the alchemy of printmaking – the complex process of bringing an image from imagination to plate, and plate to paper through a magical and entirely unpredictable process of mark making, biting with acid, inking and printing. Turning that wheel to pull the print has the allure of a medieval craft and appeals to the luddite in me. Often a frustrating process but totally addictive!

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