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Chocolate Ink Studio is a professional fine art printmaking studio that specialises in the production of fine art editions with our main focus placed on screen-printing. We offer services to artists in the form of collaborations and technical expertise with regard to hand-printed silkscreen editions as well as other printmaking techniques with the exclusion of lithography.

We also thrive on teaching printmaking workshops ranging from beginners, intermediate to advanced, as well as one-on-one tuition where requested. We are a printmaking space where artists can make use of the facilities to create their own artworks in a relaxed and comfortable space. I feel the best and most creative work can happen when the artist is truly unperturbed and allowed to experiment and expand their scope of what I’ve come to view as a ‘limitless’ treasure box of results and combinations between mediums in print.

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Cloudia's statement


I opened Chocolate Ink Studio in 2013 after working at Artist Proof Studio for 8 years as their screen-print studio manager and training as a professional fine art master screen-printer, printmaking facilitator as well as continuing my focus on being a visual artist. I have collaborated with many contemporary artists and therefore have an expansive archive of proof prints produced between 2013 and current, as well as proof prints from my years of working at Artist Proof Studio. Owning a printmaking studio and turning it into a friendly and creatively energetic space has always been a goal for me. Printmaking can at the best of times be daunting. It is my assumption that if the artist works in a positive environment being allowed to experiment and understand the process in their own way, they will be able to push these boundaries as well as their own and realise the depth and passion that printmaking offers to us. I can honestly admit that I ‘live, eat, breathe and dream’ printmaking. It is an intrinsic part of who I am as a person. I am so incredibly passionate about teaching printmaking and the techniques that I know and specialise in. Therefore, my favourite activity in my studio is to share my knowledge by hosting workshops and instil my love and absolute awe of printmaking in others.

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