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David Krut Projects is an alternative arts institution dedicated to encouraging an awareness of the arts, literature and media. We have locations in Johannesburg and New York dedicated to promoting contemporary culture in a dynamic, collaborative environment. In Johannesburg, we have exhibition project spaces and an adjacent bookstore located at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue; Arts on Main, the major arts hub adjacent to downtown Johannesburg. David Krut Print Workshop (DKW), based at Arts on Main, produces fine art editions with artists such as William Kentridge, Diane Victor, Deborah Bell and numerous other creative collaborators.

DKW has been managed by Master Printer Jillian Ross since 2004. Today it is equipped with a letterpress, three etching printing presses, a steel-facing tank and stocked with top quality inks and paper, making it one of the most impressive printmaking workshops in South Africa.

DKW specialises in the techniques of intaglio, relief and monotype printing. The workshop’s focus, is from conception, each collaboration becomes an opportunity for the artist to create something new, adding to their body of work. The workshop’s commitment to challenging technique as well as aesthetic form is another core philosophy.

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