John Roome 

I am an artist who specialises in relief printmaking


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I have a Masters in Fine Art (Rhodes) and a Doctorate in Design (CPUT).

Having lectured for almost 4 decades I have now retired and devote most of my time to working in my own studio in Durban. I am based at COMMUNITY ZA  3 Millar road, Stamfordhill, Durban.

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My work is grounded in my experience of the world around me. Drawing plays an important part in my printmaking process. I use drawing as a way of understanding, interpreting, and expressing my response to the people, places, and things I come into contact with on a daily basis. Drawing provides a direct and immediate interface with the world. Drawing is not only a vehicle for recording the visual stimuli I encounter, but it is also a way of processing and expressing my thoughts and emotions.

I mainly work with the relief printing process on both wood and lino. Many of my colour prints are reduction-cut prints.  This process is sometimes called “suicide printing” because as you work the block is gradually destroyed and the there is no going back. Whereas drawing is immediate and direct, prints are the result of slow and indirect process. I am fascinated by the element of surprise when, after a lengthy and time-consuming process, the print finally rolls off the press. I am intrigued by the way the printmaking process can transform and often strengthen the original idea.

My subject matter focuses mainly on the relationship between nature and the built environment. One of my favourite subjects is the trees that line the busy city streets of Durban. My aim is not to provide a photographic replica of the world around me, but rather to explore and express my psychological and emotional response to this ‘reality’.

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