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LuluRaai, has worked in the creative field all her adult life.

Her fabric painting work has been exported and has featured in many magazines and on TV.  With her daughter and the aid of Sasol, she developed the first acrylic fabric paint in South Africa. She has created work for many commissions that range from design, painting projects, and book illustration.

She is currently exhibiting this series Flow Motion at The Artroom Gallery and The Real Mackay, both in Johannesburg, and is preparing for an exhibition in London.

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I am a photo expressionist. I am an avid photographer, mainly of people I come across by chance, or of unexpected scenarios. Over the past ten years I have taught myself to manipulate photographs that I extend via Giclée prints into artworks to express my ideas and feelings.

In this series I deal mainly with irretrievable loss. I have lost someone close to me to mental illness, we lose partners, we lose our youth, our memory, historical events cause loss,  tangible in South Africa, we lose species, we destroy natural resources. I find this irretrievable loss a painful inevitability of life,  watching part of our existence flow away like water through fingers, never to get back, and it interests me how we fill  the voids left because of this loss through materialism, sport, dedication to body image, creativity, learning, religion, etc. There is such forceful perseverance to survive in  humanity, enhanced by humour and goodwill, which is part of our survival kit.

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exhibition title - Flow Motion: Searching For The Replay Button

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