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I've been involved in different aspects of the South African printmaking scene for 25 years, as a contract printer, printmaking workshop facilitator, contract lecturer, art consultant specialising in prints, an artist/printmaker ... can't get the ink off my fingers ... and I'm one of the co-organisers of FAP19.

For my sins, I'm the co-founder and director of the online arts platform outoftheCUBE and quite obsessively research printers and printmaking

I have an MA in Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University.

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artist's statement and process

I'm fascinated by the ebb and flow of human relationships, and this has informed my work since the mid-2000s. This has extended into various explorations around eros, mourning, memory, nostalgia, and currently reconciliations.

I work exclusively in print, usually water-based screenprint and watercolour monotype or combinations of the two. To use low-toxicity printmaking methods is an important aspect of my practice. More recently I have joined the collective printmaking group, The Printing Girls (#printlikeagirl) and this has revived my interest in relief printing.

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