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I am a Cape Town artist who lives and works in Simon’s Town. 

I initially studied Psychology and worked as a psychologist for a few years before deciding to study art.  I have recently retired from full time art teaching to further pursue my art career.

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artist’s statement/process

I am a passionate printmaker who tries to push printmaking beyond its traditional boundaries. I print with anything and on anything.


My creative process has always been inspired by the cycle of life and the evidence of the passing of time – extinctions developing into new creations, decaying into extinctions again...  I am inspired by textures that are formed by erosion, corrosion and disintegration in nature as a result of the passing of time. 


In my etchings I use textured plates picked up on my daily beach walks as well as natural found materials combined with traditional etching techniques. Alternatively my etching plates are deliberately distressed and textured in various ways. I also make use of a variety of other printmaking techniques, such as collagraphs, mono-prints and Lino printing, to enhance the play with textures and further express the influences of passing time on paper.

For me the medium of printmaking lends itself perfectly to the visual expression of the rich textures that are only really created by nature over time. 


Currently I do not create prints as final artworks, but use ready-made prints as my medium.  My process becomes metaphorical in the sense that I ‘excavate’ multitudes of readymades and let them evolve into new artworks.

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