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I am a full-time practicing artist; I specialise in painting and printmaking and I teach art at my own studio five days a week. I studied at the Royal Academy in Brussels, followed by a further two years at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris (1961), where I specialised in etching. I also have a diploma in Fine Art from the Technicon in Stellenbosch.

I moved to Pretoria in 1980 and soon thereafter started teaching art from my own studio. I have been working from that studio ever since. I have also written and published a printmaking handbook.

I have exhibited my work in most of the main cities in South Africa as well as in France, USA and Norway. My main mediums include etching, engraving, monotypes, etching with stencil and chine-collé. I also studied in the studio of SW Hayter in Paris (1997) to learn viscosity printing. 


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