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I am a working artist based in Somerset West.

As an artist I am influenced by the post-digital age that we live in. I use technology as another medium in my artists toolkit, a way to make art with a much bigger variety of options. I start with a concept - which at the moment is looking at pluralism in aesthetics today - and use various techniques to evolve that concept until a body of work is reached. In this instance it starts with a photo, some aspect of my everyday life, from a holiday snap to a close up of a painting I’m attempting. The photos are chosen for some intangible aesthetic appeal.


artist's process

I manipulate the images using various digital applications from mobile phone apps to photoshop, one could say that I'm painting with apps. These images are manipulated until they reach my saturation point, a place for me personally where I feel that they are complete or just at the start of their next journey. I purposefully chose to place them in an octagon which I see as a circle trying to be a square trying to be a circle because I am questioning whether they are considered a higher form of art or a lower form of art and what constitutes art in this post-digital age. This is a very exciting time for artists, the rule books have been thrown out of the window and we are free to try news ways to make art using all the new wonderful technologies out there. Everything I do at the moment is about the aesthetic choices I am making. The work is a game, a method of play that results in images that I feel are evocative, South African, and celebrate contemporaneity.


Over the past year I have printed my own work as photographs or digital prints and then worked over areas of them, re-photographed said prints, and then started the process again. I believe that the imagery lends itself to being printed, and highlights the process of digital printing as part of artistic practice today. I hope you enjoy my work, I really enjoyed making it.

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