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Yolanda Warnich was born in Saldanha Bay, on the Cape West Coast, where she developed her lifelong passion for the sea and rugged landscapes. Warnich initially studied and worked in the world of fashion design, and spent time traveling and living abroad.

Warnich received her Bachelor in Visual Arts through UNISA in 2015. 

She is a painter at heart, but also a dedicated photographer, and until recently, created new media artworks by integrating the two. Her latest work, which involves papermaking, reflects her concerns around land and ecology.

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artist's process

My love for the landscape naturally reflects in my work as an artist. I create multi-media prints and maps that are an abstraction of the landscape, reflecting my interpretation of the immediate environment I navigate through daily. My work methodology is a multi-layered process and simulates the layers that make up the physical landscape I/we interact with.

For the past year, I have been working by folding large pieces of paper as one would fold a typography map. It enables me to carry it around and work wherever or whenever time allows -  in the studio or in the landscape itself.

The nature of my work veers from the traditions of printmaking in that much of it is experimental – this keeps the results interesting, and keeps me interested! I enjoy the unpredictable nature of monotypes, and since I don’t own a printing press, I use my car to drive over my inked-up linocuts and fragments of foliage.

To further push the boundaries of printmaking, I work over the prints with charcoal, pens, aquarelles, gel pens, spray paints - basically anything that can make a physical mark. This results in areas that are worked intensely and other areas that are relatively unmarked. For me, this speaks of the landscape around us.

I title my work with catchphrases that I find in online brochures which sell the natural landscape back to us as an “escape”.

We exist in a landscape that is layered in a multitude of natural and unnatural materials - some of which we knowingly and unknowingly decide to destroy or preserve. My intention is to evoke this notion within my works.

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